Initiation & Instruction

The structure of O.T.O., like that of Freemasonry and the ancient mystery schools, is based on a staged series of initiations or degrees, most of which are conferred ceremonially.

In the Rituals of these degrees, O.T.O. seeks to instruct the individual by allegory and symbol in the profound mysteries of Nature, and thereby to assist each to discover his or her own true Identity. The degrees of O.T.O. are divided into three Grades or “Triads”: the Hermit, the Lover, and the Man of Earth.

How to become an initiate member

If you would like to apply for Minerval Initiation into the O.T.O. through the Knights Templar Oasis, you must be of full age (over 18), free, and of good report across the Order. You must then meet with us to receive an application.

In order for us to accept your application and schedule you for initiation, you are required to be sponsored by two O.T.O. initiates of the First Degree of higher. Sponsorship is not take lightly, so you must meet and get to know at least a few members of the Oasis.

Prior to becoming a Minerval you are welcome to attend our public events and workshops, to get to know the character of the organization and its people. While Minerval is a "guest" degree, all earnest Thelemites in accord with O.T.O. are accepted by the Knights Templar as friends. Watch our calendar, or contact the Oasis officers if you are interested in attending a public meeting.

Initiate membership involves a physical ceremony, and thus must typically be arranged with a convenient, local O.T.O. body. A listing of O.T.O. bodies is provided by the U.S. Grand Lodge Homepage at O.T.O. USA Local Bodies.