Weekend in Review

Friday evening was the wonderful play It’s All in the Delivery, with an original script and a cast of four.  It portrayed Aleister Crowley, Rose Kelly, Horus, and Aiwass and the reception of the Book of the Law. This along with a feast made for a wonderful celebration of the First Night of the . . . → Read More: Weekend in Review

Minerval Initiations

Are you interested in joining the O.T.O.? The deadline to turn in applications for our fall initiations in the degree of Minerval is August 24, 2010 ev.

If you would like to learn more, contact info@knightstemplar-oto.org

Joining the OTO

Membership in the OTO is through the Minerval Initiation. If you are interested in initiation or learning more, check our calendar for a public event and contact master@knightstemplar-oto.org. We just completed Minervals this past Friday and are gearing up for another set soon.