About local membership

Membership at the local level brings with it both a set of Entitlements and a set of Responsibilities.

Membership in the Knights Templar Oasis involves making a pledge to support the local body. By filling out the pledge and fulfilling that pledge one maintains the status of member in good standing. A pledge is a tool for the officers to track the status of its members and develop a workable budget. Pledges can be adjusted at anytime by submitting a new pledge form to  the Treasurer.

Pledges are the single most important tool for planning and budgeting. Therefore maintaining one’s pledge will be the single most important criteria for maintaining membership. A pledge is simply a commitment one makes to support something they choose to be a part of: the amount of the pledge is secondary to fulfilling your pledge.

Categories of Affiliation and Membership

USGL Member in Good Standing

An active Initiate of the O.T.O. who chooses to pay dues to and claim membership within an Oasis or Lodge. Any Member in Good Standing is able to attend events at Knights Templar Oasis as if a local member.

Local Member in Good Standing

An active member in the O.T.O. who has chosen to pay dues to and claim membership in the Knights Templar Oasis. Initiates may choose to pledge dues to multiple bodies, but must choose one Oasis or Lodge to have their membership with.

Local Affiliate

An O.T.O. Initiate who maintains membership with another Oasis or Lodge who has chosen to pledge dues and claim affiliation with the Knights Templar Oasis or a member of the E.G.C. Laity who has chosen to pledge dues and claim affiliation.

Local Dues

The base rate of membership dues is $600, annually. The base rate of lay membership or affiliation is $240, annually.

Those experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to make other arrangements with the Treasurer. No one is asked to pay outside their means. All are welcome to donate additionally, at any level.

These pledges are used to support the Temple and to help pay for Gnostic Masses, Thelemic Holidays, Initiations, and equipment used therein.

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