Weiser Antiquarian Catalog #78

A simple 90 minute drive north of KTO is Weiser Antiquarian, the best book store in the world! Their newest catalog #78 just arrived and contains lots of Crowley first editions, letters, and other material. Check it out.

The letters are particularly interesting, with three from Crowley to his collaborator on the Thoth deck, Frieda Harris. In one long letter, written from his English “Abbey of Thelema” at Barton Brow, Crowley encourages her to read The Book of the Law, and also discusses, of all things, his attainments as a road-racing cyclist! In another letter he makes reference to his plans for the text that would become known as Liber Oz, and also speaks of his abhorrence for the forthcoming fifth “National Day of Prayer,” whilst in the third he gives suggestions about the presentation of the original designs of the Thoth tarot cards, and also expounds upon the issues facing young men growing into adulthood, including the need for them to separate from their mothers, citing C. J. Jung in the process.”

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