Weekend in Review

Friday evening was the wonderful play It’s All in the Delivery, with an original script and a cast of four.  It portrayed Aleister Crowley, Rose Kelly, Horus, and Aiwass and the reception of the Book of the Law. This along with a feast made for a wonderful celebration of the First Night of the Prophet and his Bride.

Sunday afternoon was Centres of Pestilence. We were on II:34 and it took the entire class to cover it. We read the commentary, looked up words in Skeat’s, tied in and read the Noise chapter from Magick without Tears and more. “But ye, oh my people, rise up and awake”.  It is also in the Gnostic Mass and there was was much debate over whether it was command to the individual to awake, or a command to awake others, ie Promulgate.

Sunday evening was the Gnostic Mass. One child was in the role for the 50th time, the other for the first. Nine people in the congregation, a visitor from New York, and three more that arrived too late for mass but listened outside the door and joined us for the social hour which turned into three.

We picked up another Minerval application, 2 baptisms and a confirmation application. Group Resh at the appropriate times during all the events this weekend.

Come join us for Public Gnostic Mass 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month, Centre of Pestilence is also every month, and Resh of course is ongoing. Check our calendar for details.

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