Got Thelema?

Last night was the 4th Tuesday of the month, and as we do every month we read and discussed a tract by Aleister Crowley on Thelema. Over the past year we have gone over most of the Class E documents, so we have decided to expand the Thelema class to include essays from Liber Aleph The Book of Wisdom or Folly, Magick without Tears, and The Revival of Magick.

Last night after evening Resh we read and discussed: An Improvement on Psychoanalysis The Psychology of the Unconscious (for Dinner-Table Consumption), and the essay Fragments.

Was Regardie right when he suggested a year of psychoanalysis before starting in on Magick? What were Crowley’s thoughts on the work of Freud and Jung, or on the value of dreams, the sex drive and Will?

Fragments is the battle cry for a Thelemic Culture and we will be turning that into a pamphlet to give out at our quarterly Art show, coming next in October.

Check our calendar for more upcoming event details.

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